What is the Northwest FC Juggle Club?

  • A club for all Northwest FC players to showcase their juggling talents to the rest of the club. It allows players to develop a passion for the game by working on a very beneficial skill in juggling.

How to Join the Northwest FC Juggling Club?

  • If you’re a current player at Northwest FC you are automatically able to join! Once you achieve a certain number of juggles you can move up to the next level and earn great prizes!

  • All you have to do is use the link below to sign yourself up for the Northwest FC Juggle Club with this Google Form

Levels of Juggling (Prizes):

  • Level Grey: 10 Juggles —> Prize = Northwest FC Juggling Club Patch

    • Once you’ve gotten your Northwest FC Juggling Club Patch…put it on the left sleeve of your Orange Practice/Training Jersey and show it off!

  • Level Blue: 25 Juggles —> Prize = Northwest FC Bag Tag

  • Level Orange: 50 Juggles —> Prize = Northwest FC Water Bottle

  • Level Pink: 175 Juggles —> Prize = Northwest FC Drawstring Bag

  • Level Gold: 500 Juggles —> Prize = MLS Mini Adidas Juggling Ball

How to Start Earning Prizes?

  • Confirm your score. Prove you got the amount of juggles you did by doing one of the following things:

    • Send us an email WITH YOUR VIDEO to NWFCjugglingclub@gmail.com

      • We can post videos on social media to promote it to other players

      • Once you submit we will post your video on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to show off your skills to other Juggling Club members!

    • Collect your prize!

  • Once you’ve earned your prize, continue working to get to the next level!

Rules for the Northwest FC Juggling Club

  • Players can use their feet, thigh, head, shoulder, chest, but NO HANDS!

  • All touches count towards the total number of juggles

  • If the ball hits the ground, your count starts over at zero

  • Once you’ve gotten to Level Orange…you don’t have to start over from Level Grey come the following season

How to Juggle?

  • There are two ways to juggle:

    • First Way to Juggle:

      • Start by holding the ball out in front of you

      • Drop the ball to your foot

      • Keep the ball up by kicking it up towards you

    • Second Way to Juggle:

      • Start with the ball on the ground

      • Flick the ball up

      • Keep the ball up by kicking it up towards you

    • Use the link provided below to see a demonstration on how to juggle:

Why is it important to juggle?

  • Improves Ball Control

  • Improves Player’s First Touch

  • Improves confidence as a player

  • Improves leg strength, balance and “Foot-eye” coordination

Best Times to Work on Juggling

  • Juggling anywhere at any time is beneficial. Juggle at home, before practice, after practice or wherever you have space to. Work to challenge yourself by keeping track of how many juggles you can get in a row!